Day 1 – The DL Experience

First, I should say welcome to Teach and Tri! This is attempt number 3 to start a blog but as in life many things have changed and are going to be changing even more!

If you read my About Page you will know that I am training for Ironman Lake Placid with the hopes of qualifying for the World Championships in Kona. A lofty dream – yes but one that I will work as hard as I can to attain. Since living in Cary, NC hills there are the flats of Lake Placid. In order to get some decent climbing training myself and the man (I’ll refer to him as D) headed to the mountains for a week to train!

This is where we are:


D and I have been seriously lacking in pictures of each other and of time we spent together so not only are we both training for ironmans we wanted to make sure we documented as much of this trip as we could. If you have ever done a serious climb before on a bike up a mountain, pictures doing that are not going to happen – I would fall over, down the mountain and it would not be pretty 🙂 We decided to call this ‘The DL Experience’ for all of the pictures we took together this weekend.

Okay, now on to the recap of the day.

We got up early while we were still in Cary and went to get a good swim in before the long trek to Lake Lure. We swam for an hour at TAC. I did a lot of drills and some shorter sets. My arms and legs were just not having it this morning and I knew I didn’t want to kill myself because of the big training week we had coming up.

After we swam we headed to our favorite breakfast spot, Briggs, and got some food to fuel us through our drive.  They have the best omelet’s  I get the same one every time  it’s too good to try something new!

Once we packed the car up – we were off! We packed 4 bikes – 2 tri bikes and 2 road bikes plus all of our bags, a yoga mat, foam roller, and a blender all in my Subaru Legacy.

The trip didn’t feel to long. The anticipation of being on vacation, training our butts off kept us from getting bored!

Once in Lake Lure we settled into our cottage we are renting for the week, got lunch then it was off to loosen the legs on a two hour ride.

I rode my new road bike, Willy, for the first time today. It took a little time getting used to but I’d say our first date was just at a coffee shop but I think dinner might be coming up next.

The ride was a perfect way to wake up the legs. A good climbing section for about 35 minutes then gentle rollers for the rest.

Once we got back, D went for a short run while I searched for dinner!

We ended up at a tiny bistro called Medina’s Village Bistro, in town which was amazing! It was great home-cooked food. You could tell they took a lot of time and thought planning and cooking the food 🙂

Once home we crashed and planned out day tomorrow. The plan is to conquer Mt. Mitchell today! Full recap tomorrow 🙂