Day 2 – The DL Experience

Good morning and Happy Easter!

D and I had big plans yesterday to conquer  Mt. Mitchell, which is “the highest peak east of the Mississippi River”. Unfortunately, we ran into some roadblocks but I will get to that later.

Our day started at 7 AM when we headed downtown to start a 35 minute run. My legs felt tight in the beginning but loosened up by the end of the run. We did 5 miles at about a 7:30 pace and were greeted with these views on our run. It was a perfect start to the morning.


After the run, we headed to the same restaurant we had dinner at to grab breakfast.  As you can assume already, breakfast did not disappoint either. We each got eggs and toast and split an order of blueberry pancakes.

Once fueled up and packed up we headed to Marion, NC to swim and start our ride. We found a YMCA in Marion where we could get free trial passes to use for their pool for the week. We swam for an hour and felt very good in the pool. Towards the end my left shoulder started to feel sore but nothing unbearable.

After grabbing lunch, we were off the tackle Mt. Mitchell. I had to decide whether to ride Finn, my triathlon bike, or my new road bike, Willy. The first climb to Mt. Mitchell is filled with difficult switchbacks and you gain about 3,000 ft. in less than 14 miles. I had done this climb once before on my triathlon bike and decided comfort and familiarity would be best for this climb and went with Finn.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 9.23.59 PM

Since we were headed to Mitchell where the weather can be 30 degrees colder we had to wear a bit more clothing than the weather called for on the first climb. Twenty minutes in I was burning up, it made climbing very difficult and turning around sounded like a good idea. But, I kept telling myself I had done this before and just to keep pedaling. It seemed to work. Once it cooled off a bit, my legs started to come back to and climbing felt a lot easier.

Once we made it to the top and took the left to head towards Mitchell and were greeted with this sign. This is how D felt about the road being closed. Our day to Mt. Mitchell will have to wait for another day.

image copy

We bundled back up and made the descent back to Marion. I am terrible at going down and is by far the scariest part of the entire trip.

Once down – we grabbed coffee from D’s favorite coffee place and headed back to Lake Lure to finish off the night at Medina’s again for one last meal.


Tomorrow is a run and bike focus day with two 45 minute runs and a long bike TT ride on Finn and Sashka!


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