Day 5 – The DL Experience

Not much to report on for today.

We had a lazy morning today.  Once we ate and enjoyed some coffee – we were off to Asheville to explore.

We wanted to get in a long run today (longer than an hour) and we wanted to enjoy some trails. We asked around and were told about The Mountain to Sea trail that runs along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It consists of 900 plus miles of trail to explore and goes from the Smoky Mountains all the way to the Outer Banks.

Mountains to Sea Trail sign

What a find!! This trail was amazing and was exactly what we were looking for. No pictures today 😦 but we ran about an 1:20 and couldn’t get enough. D and I both said that we could run on the trail for days. 

We spent the rest of the day just walking around Asheville not worrying about what training we needed to get in, which was refreshing to both of us.

Tomorrow it is back to the grind!


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