Day 6 – The DL Experience

Since yesterday was more of an off day for us during this “training camp” we knew that we wanted to get in all three sports today.

We got up around 7 AM and headed back to Marion to swim and run. I did 2500 yards with drills finishing with 4 X 300.

After we swam, we geared up to run. The weather was great this morning and we ran around Marion for 35 minutes. As much as I wanted to enjoy this run, my legs were tight and heavy. I expected this after all of the riding we had been doing but it still always frustrates me. D ran ahead of me most of the time and after the run he said I could feel how much you hated every step. I’d say he knows me pretty well 😉

After our run – we headed back to Lake Lure and grabbed lunch at Medina’s again! That is 5 times already!


Once ready to go it was off on another ride. We decided to climb out to Asheville and I decided to take Willy out on his first day of climbing. Here is what our trip looked like:

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 7.37.47 PM

After we came back in to town we met up with a nice gentleman (who came screaming down the hill to pass me) who lives in the area. He showed up some more of Lake Lure that we hadn’t explored. It was a tough day because of tired legs but anytime I am on the bike I am happy!


Once back – we relaxed and made dinner at home – turkey sandwiches for the win!

Tomorrow is our last day and it is suppose to rain 😦


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