From DNS to DNF to 2nd–White Lake International Race Report

I almost didn’t start the race this weekend. I have been struggling with sore calves all week and competing in a race where it’s all about having speed did not sound like a lot of fun. On Thursday and Friday I did everything I could to loosen up my legs. I did very little biking and running, wore compression, and got a massage to try and help the tightness. To add to the trouble, my bike needs a deep cleaning and sounds brutal but my local bike shop couldn’t get it done in time for the race. Oh well…

As you can see – I wasn’t going into the race with a great mental or physical state but I was excited to race and I knew one of the top females was also racing. Of course, I wanted to see how I matched up to her.

Duran and I woke up bright and early to make the 2 hr drive to White Lake. It was an 8 AM start which made the day trip doable for us. We found a place to park right next to transition and got our things together. I could tell Duran was nervous for this race since the competition was tough and it was such a short distance for us. We both did our own things to get ready and made our way down to the swim start.

Swim: 32:31 .9 miles – 57th fastest female

It was an in water swim start with multiple waves. White Lake was a great lake to swim in compared to Jordan which is where we usually swim. The setup of the swim course was not great. The sight buoys were in random spots and the sun caused it to be difficult to see the triangle buoys which were our turn buoys. I have been working hard on my swim but still any swim not wetsuit legal will be tough for me. It was pretty uneventful besides going off course a few times and feeling like I was over kicking at points. I didn’t have many people around me (sucks to be slow) so most of the swim was done alone…aka no feet to follow.

Bike: 1:14 – 45K – 2nd fastest female

The bike course is fairly flat on ‘ok’ roads. I knew I had a lot of ground to make up in order to place and that I didn’t have a lot of time to do it. My legs felt ok in the beginning but not great. I had a feeling this would happen since I was having a tough week. The good part about being a slow swimmer is you rarely get passed on the bike and run but the downfall is not knowing who is ahead of you and how far. I tried to keep my AP high but was struggling to keep it up consistently. Even so, my mph was OK and I was passing a lot of people. At around mile 15 I thought I was done…my legs were burning and I thought there was no way I could run off the bike today. I did a lot of self-talk on the bike to keep me going and not get my first DNF. I kept telling myself you have to finish because how embarrassing it would be to get my first ever DNF in a small Olympic triathlon for no reason and triathlon’s are tough, that’s not a reason to quit. I thought it was a 25 mile course and was pumped to be coming in around 1:04 but quickly realized it was longer than that 45K and just continued to motor forward. I even told someone that course seemed long as I went by…ugh how embarrassing!

White Lake 2

Run: 42:23 10K – 3rd fastest female

I came in to transition and had a little trouble unclipping…note to self-learn how to take feet out of shoes before transition. Quickly changed my shoes, grabbed my visor and put on my race belt as I was exiting transition. I quickly heard footsteps behind me and my first thought was…I can’t let this person pass me. As he neared closer, I took a quick look to my left and all I saw was someone’s waist. This guy was the tallest triathlete I have ever seen. I paced off of him for the first mile, then once I pulled ahead I paced off another guy until the 3 mile turnaround. I had passed a few females early and saw a few elites run by the other way so I knew I must be close to the front. I felt like I was running around 7:00 – 7:10’s since I don’t wear my Garmin in short races but I felt really good the whole run. As I got to mile 5.5, a woman on the side of the road started cheering for me since I was the only one running really fast and I trucked it right on to the finish line.

white lake 1

When I finished I saw Duran and Jennie (the overall winner) and stopped to talk to them for a bit until the thirst came over me and we went off to grab a drink.

I ended up coming in as 2nd age group female by 2 seconds and 5th overall female. Duran came in 2nd place for his age group.


2:31 – 6th Overall Female (including elites) – 2nd Female not including elites


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