A week plus a few days of workouts

We are going into the home stretch before Ironman Cozumel. A few more big weekends of training and then it’s going to be time to fly to Mexico before we know it. Duran and I had a great week and weekend of training following Beach to Battleship Half.

Here is a brief look at my workouts for the past week plus a few extra days.

Saturday: Beach to Battleship Half

Find my recap here – 4:52 1st Overall Female. This was a major race for me this year and I didn’t hold much back at all as you can tell from the picture below…trying to go sub 1:30 for the run…came up 30 seconds short.

photo (1)

Sunday: Day off

Duran and I couldn’t sleep in too much so we got up and watched the sunrise on the beach with our coffees, then went to brunch with our friends in downtown Wilmington.  I can’t thank Duran enough for being there for me on this journey. TeamDL has a lot planned for the rest of 2013 and 2014!

photo 4

Monday: AM Swim 45 minutes, 45 minute lunch time run in Bond Park, 1:00 Trainer Ride

Monday was a teacher workday and I was able to work from home and get in recovery workouts throughout the day. Nothing high in intensity just loosen the legs up. I felt great on the run and was surprised I could get an hour in on the trainer since I despise that thing with a passion.

Tuesday: 45 minute swim, 1:15 bike workout on trainer

Getting in the water as much as possible is key for me even if it’s not a lot of volume. Being able to feel the water takes being in the water consistently. Another trainer ride with a few sets thrown in. After a warm up I did 5min X 4min X 3min X 2min X 1min hard with one minute rest in between. I did this three times  and then called it a day.

Wednesday: 50 minute AM run, 2:00 cross ride in Umstead

Back to the 4AM morning runs. Nothing fancy that early, but my run has been feeling great and very “easy”. We needed a break from the trainers so we met up with our friend John and hit the dirt with our cross bikes. My legs were feeling destroyed in a good way after this ride, which is usually the case anytime we ride with John.

photo 1

Thursday: PM Swim

Life gets in the way and listened to my body to take it easy and just swim.

Friday: 1:30 Trainer Ride, 30 minute T-run

Quality workout to get ready for the weekend. As you can tell  – I am really technically with most of my workouts.

Saturday: 60 min AM Swim, 100 mile bike – 5 hours

Obviously the swim is my weak point so this mornings workout was 300 repeats with 25 seconds rest between until an hour was up.

Duran and I set out for our long ride of the weekend. My goal for this ride was to ride my goal watts for 3 hours out of the 5 hour ride. It was a success! My watts were pretty much right on, nutrition was good and I got off my bike really happy with getting the miles and time in on the bike.

Sunday: 1:10 Run, 1:05 Swim

You always wake up wondering how the legs will feel after a 100 mile ride and I’m lucky to say I was able to run with no issues and felt really great. (Could have been the NYC Marathon being on as well!)

Monday: 45 minute AM trainer ride, 2 hour run

I do my long runs on tired legs which is why I save them for Monday’s. I wish I could do this before work so I wouldn’t have to worry about any stomach issues or being tired from work but since I am at work at 6:15 AM, I am not willing to get up that early! Once I got off work I got right on the road. The goal for these runs is time on my feet – 2 hours for today. I decided to split up the run into 2 runs. One 8 mile run on the road and an 8 mile run on the trails near our apartment. I need to be careful how many times I say this before my luck runs out but this run was anti-climatic in a good way. First 8 miles on the road were all around 7:30 pace and the last 8 felt great as well. My calves felt a little tight but I’m guessing that is from the increase in riding the trainer.

All in all it was a great week following Beach to Battleship. Hopefully this week continues to go just as well.

Let me know if you like these recap posts and I can do them once a week.

Tell me about any great workouts you’ve had!


2 thoughts on “A week plus a few days of workouts

  1. Great week of training post B2B! You are logging some serious mileage… nice work! I’m more than ready to be back on a structured training plan, so am pretty excited I started working with my new coach yesterday 🙂 I like weekly recap posts and was debating starting them again on my own blog. Have a great week!

    • Thanks! I find if I consistently run and swim everyday that I see a lot of gains. I can take a few days off of biking because of my hockey background. Awesome about a new coach, I may be looking in to one after Cozumel. Getting feedback and having a plan set for you is always nice. I think the recaps may be here to stay for me as well.

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