What I can control and what I can’t

Cozumel is in 17 days. One big weekend left of training and then the work has been done. My first Ironman was one that I don’t think I will forget for a long time. It is also the only other Ironman that I can compare to Cozumel. Just so happens that Cozumel might be the complete opposite style race as Lake Placid.

Here are things that I can NOT control while racing in Cozumel:

Temperature Difference 

photo 1 photo 2

Non wetsuit swim and feeling like this in the water:


Current pushing me like I was in one of these:


Sharks and barracuda…self-explanatory 



Wind and feeling like the plane but on my bike: 


Heat and feeling like this on the pavement:


Things I can control:

How many hours I was in the pool:

How many hours I was on my bike:

How many times I laced up my running shoes.

Time goals are tough for a race like Cozumel with so many variables. Duran likes to think we are going on the show Survivor – we don’t know what Cozumel will throw at us that day but we do know all the work we have put in will pay off.  I will race the conditions that are thrown at me. I have done what I can control and will not worry too much about what I can’t control.

Have you ever raced a race that had a lot of unknowns? 


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