Updates and Announcements for 2014!

After Cozumel, life started to get a bit crazy with the holiday’s, moving, job changes etc.. which caused a bit more “off season” (which I guess was only two weeks) than I would have liked but it’s about to be a new year with new exciting things!

First, I am excited to announce I will be part of Team HPB starting January 1st with Hillary Biscay as my coach!


She is a major bad ass and so are her athletes. I was looking for someone to push me past my limits and challenge me farther than I have been before – I am positive Hillary is the person to do this. A lot of new adventures are now in the works that I can’t wait to share about in the future.

Second, I am pumped to be part of the 2014 GU Energy Pro Program and represent GU Energy as one of my sponsors for next season!

GU Energy Gel

I have been using their products for my training for the past 6 months and can’t wait to continue to use them and be a part of the GU Crew!

January 1st is the start of a new year with new goals and fresh look on all things possible for myself, LGRacing and Team DL!

photo (1)

Follow along in 2014!


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