January Totals

On a lighter note – today marks the end of January and one month working with my new coach. It also has been about 2 weeks since I left my job as a high school teacher to a new role that allows me to have a more flexible schedule to fit in my training.

I have loved everything about how this month has played out for training. I have full faith in what Hillary puts on my schedule and my only job is to complete the workout – it’s great! In saying that, my first Ironman was July of last year – so not that long ago. I’m still new to do this whole endurance sports thing and so is my body. I may have hockey quads that I built up for 20+ years but they are trained to go hard for 30 – 45 seconds not 9+ hours. I first got in a pool a year ago – I’ve got some serious yardage to put in. So – this past month has been a lot about building up my swim and putting time in on the bike. I have learned the joys of swimming with a band and learning to love the computrainer. January was the most amount of hours I have spent training and most miles I have put in and I have to say I can’t wait till it becomes more!

January Totals: (some estimates from trainer rides and Garminless runs)

Swim: 54,695 yards

Bike: 1,100 miles

Run: 122.5 miles


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