What I learned…

Since the start of the year I have been on my bike more each week than ever before. Having rode about nine 4 hour rides already this year along with riding more frequently during the week I am building my bike endurance which I definitely need. On the weekends I have been lucky enough to get outside but this winter has been tough on a lot of people so most rides during the week have been done inside on the trainer. Riding so much has taught me a few things that I thought I would share with you all.

1. Get a good saddle!

I am very comfortable on my bike in terms of fit. I could ride in the aero position all day but in saying that, since getting my bike I have never had a comfortable saddle. At the end of every ride or even 2 hours in – my lady parts were screaming at me. Before working with Hillary, I couldn’t ride the trainer for more than an hour without being in tears because of the pain. Since I knew I would be riding the trainer much more and for longer, the first thing I did was try to find a saddle that would actually work for me. I am now using and ISM Adamo road saddle, which has worked great so far.

2. Be All In!

What I mean by this is, I can’t go into a trainer ride dreading it or being bummed I have to ride the trainer. I’ve got to be ready for it and be mentally all in for it.

3. Movies, TV shows, Podcasts, and Music!

Get all the entertainment you may need to keep you occupied for those hours you are riding. Now I may be a the minority on this one but I can zone out for a long time and don’t need much to keep me occupied…for example last night I had a two-hour trainer ride and all I did was listen to Pandora. No TV on, just staring at my Garmin numbers or at the wall, zoned out or I guess you could say zoned in. This isn’t the case for every ride but I’ll have some episodes of Criminal Minds on DVR to watch or a Podcast ready just in case.

4. Workouts!

When inside especially, but outside too have a workout planned. It could be a low cadence and strength work or sets of hard interval but times goes by much faster when focusing on completing a workout.

5. Get ready for your legs to be tired!

If you are riding 5 days a week the likelihood that your legs will feel fresh everyday is zero to none. You may have only one ride the whole week that you can say, “that felt really good” but in the end your legs start to get used to the load and adapt. When I did my first two weeks of 13 – 14 hours of riding per week I was beat by the end but now I am getting more accustomed to it and my legs are coming around. On Saturday’s long ride I felt like my racing legs and power was saying hello for the first time in 2014.

6. Time.

Riding a lot takes up a lot of your time. Be prepared to say no to doing most things outside of riding your bike and make sure your family or significant other know that your bike may be seeing more action than you.  I am lucky to have Duran who understands how much training goes into this sport and he is on board and does basically the same amount of riding and training that I do if not more.

7, Towels, Fans, Windows!

Do not go into a trainer workout without the above! You will sweat a lot and keeping a towel maybe two or three towels near you is a must. I always have the ceiling fan on just to give a bit of a breeze since our bike room tends to get very hot compared to the rest of the house. I would also open a window to get some cool air especially during this time of the year.

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I’m sure I left out plenty of stuff but those are my tips and experiences riding the bike a lot and I’m sure even more coming up!

What are some of you tips during a big bike build?